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Why Every Man Needs A Beard, Beard Benefits



Chris Evans Beard Why Every Man Needs A Beard, Beard Benefits

Why every man needs a beard. Beards are trending now and for good reason. There are so many benefits to growing a nice, thick, beard. That’s why every man needs a beard. From
my experience from having no beard and a beard I’ve always preferred to have some facial hair. Having a beard has been an absolute game changer and these are the biggest benefits you get when sporting a beard.

Why Every Man Needs A Beard, Beard Benefits, Women Prefer Men With Beards, Beard Make You Look Mature, Beards are Dominance

1. Women Prefer Men With Beards

Men with beards are perceived to be more attractive to the opposite sex. I have had so much more success with women when I’ve had a beard they love it, they can’t get enough of it Beards give you that sexy serious look. Any outfit you put on if you’re sporting a beard that outfit is gonna pop it’s gonna look good. You can throw on a white tee, a blue tee, anything that’s super plain but if you have a nice beard that outfit is gonna look mint. You’re gonna look mysterious, edgy, rebellious and girls love that. Studies have shown that girls are more attracted to men who have beards as opposed to men who don’t have beards. So guys moral of the story, you want to become more attractive, you freaking grow a beard. A beard will raise your attraction level instantly.

If you grow a beard you’re gonna become way more attractive to the opposite sex. Beards help you embrace your masculinity, you feel more like a man, have way more confidence when you have a beard. You don’t feel like a freaking kid.

2. Beard Make You Look Mature

Girls find men with beards to be more mature as opposed to men who don’t have beards. When you see a guy with a beard, now be honest you probably like “wow man that guy looks really serious” like “he knows what he’s doing” like “that guy over there with the beard that guy means business”. Beards make you look older, more focused, more serious, just make you look like you take life seriously and in a good way. When you’re clean-shaven you can often look very young and sometimes this can be a big turn-off for a lot of girls. They want to be around masculine energy, a guy who truly embraced masculinity and a beard really helps you embrace that masculinity. When you grow up your girls will see you as more mature and most importantly wiser. They’ll trust you more, they’ll trust your decisions and your intuition.

3. Beards are Dominance

Men with beards are perceived to be more dominant to the opposite sex. You’re gonna look stronger, tougher, more alpha, like no matter what life throws at you, you’re gonna be able to handle it. You’re not gonna roll over and cry whatever challenge you face, you’re gonna embrace that challenge and you’re gonna tackle it head-on. You’re gonna feel dominant when you have a beard like you’re in complete control. It’s gonna bring out your masculinity to another level and I’m not just talking about externally, you’re gonna look more masculine internally, you’re gonna feel a lot more masculine than you did before. There is nothing that a girl in her true femininity loves more a man who’s embraced his masculinity. Girls love alpha males and dominant alpha males usually sport some facial hair. So there you have it guys why every man needs a beard. There are so many benefits to having a beard, just make sure if you decide to grow a beard that you groom it. Don’t want to get too long, you want to keep it professional, nicely shaven. Trim it with electric razors about once a

You can get these electric razors on Amazon. It literally takes like two minutes to shave. It’s amazing as opposed to when I used to shave with a razor, it would hurt. It would cut myself. My skin gets very irritated and I look like a kid after. whereas opposed to now I can shave in two minutes no irritation and I look fresh.

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