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3 Beard Lengths Women Find Most Attractive



stubble-jon-hamm, Beard Lengths Women Find Most Attractive

As we leave summer behind and moving to fall and winter temperatures, we see that facial hair becomes bigger thicker and more prominent and that’s because grooming is similar to fashion in which trends come and go from extremely short stubble to a very long full beard. Facial hair is having a moment and it’s trending big time and that’s why we’re going over three different beard styles that every guy should try for the upcoming fall and winter month. Whether you want to look good on a date or just the work meeting or you just want to stay on-trend. These three different beard styles are gonna cover you.

1. The Polished Beard

The Polished Beard, Beard Lengths Women Find Most Attractive

The first style is the polished beard. This style truly stood the test of time. It doesn’t look like full beards are going away anytime soon. Be full but neat and polished beard can be found everywhere and that’s because it’s extremely trendy at the moment. I feel like every actor I
like grows a beard in between movies nowadays Plus with fall winter and no-shave November coming up this is the way to go and stay warm. Thing is a lot of guys think that having a full beard means just letting it grow wild and that is not true. You actually need to trim it once in a while to let it grow even. You can achieve that look by using a 7-millimeter guard to even out the beard. This will give you that full beard but it’s still gonna be professional and neat.
After you’re done trimming the beard you want to go ahead and use a precision shaver to shave the small areas like your cheek and your neck for example with precision. The final look is a manly beard that is perfectly even and goes well with a nice warm winter coat. You could even go longer if you want as long as you keep it neat and polished. This is probably what most guys will rock during the cold and winter months to stay warm and to be on trend this season.

2. Heavy Stubble

Jake-gyllenhaal-beard-Heavy Stubble, Beard Lengths Women Find Most Attractive

The next super trendy style is the heavy stubble and it’s funny because many years ago the stubble wasn’t even like a cool style statement like it is today. But nowadays it is the most common style that we see out on the streets and that’s because it’s easy to achieve and it’s extremely versatile. It can be found everywhere from celebrities walking the red carpet to the strongest athletes on the field. Any guy can pull this off, this trend isn’t going anywhere so if you have a few days to give it a try you won’t regret it. As long as you keep the edges clean you can rock this to work, dates or whatever it is that you’re doing. Use the 5-millimeter guard on the trimmer.
After you’re done evening it out use the steel blades to get clean and straight lines around your neck and your cheek. This is the perfect length for a heavy stubble that will let people know that you could grow a full beard if you wanted to but you know it’s just not your thing. A leather jacket here would go really well with that heavy stubble.

3. 5 o’clock shadow

Adam-Levine-5 o'clock shadow Beard, Beard Lengths Women Find Most Attractive

This trend doesn’t just add balance to your face, it also makes it manly and it’s currently made famous by models who want to keep it professional but don’t want to go clean-shaven because that can be boring. Soccer players are also famous for having some of the best five o’clock shadows of all time just watch any of the upcoming games and you’re gonna see the trends everywhere. This style is known to be the one that girls like the most so this trend is here to stay and if you want to look good for the ladies and you want to stay on trend then you know give this one a try. To achieve the perfect stubble choose the smallest stubble guard and trim your hair all the way down until it’s almost entirely gone. the key here is what comes next because if you don’t have clean and even lines around your neck and your cheeks for this look, you’re gonna look like you just forgot to shave this morning and that is not a trend that is just laziness. So make sure to use the full-size trimmer and the steel blades to get those clean and even lines around your neck and your cheeks. Keep in mind that for all of these beards styles it’s important to look into other noticeable areas of your face as well like your nose hair which can be trimmed down with the nose trimmer tool. Remember that long nose hairs that are visible, just shouldn’t be visible otherwise trust me heavy and nice beard won’t make much of a difference if you have a unibrow or long nose hair.

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