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Is Shaving Your Face Bad for a Woman?



Is Shaving Your Face Bad for a Woman

These days more women seem to be shaving their faces. It’s been done before by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. It comes to light more now. We’re a little more comfortable talking about it.

Women spending all this money on lotions and potions. One of the things we could be doing is in our husbands or boyfriend stores, Just saving our faces”.

Shaving face for a woman is just like a man who also use razors on their face. All the same, rules apply. Just as women are comfortable shaving their legs, the same as for the face. Just being delicate with yourself and not being rough with the razors. Make sure you have a good lubricant. All of the same rules for men apply to women too. So getting some good old fashioned shaving cream, lathering up and the same way we deal with our legs we do with our faces. It’s important not to go against the grain too many times that would be very irritating.

Is Shaving Really an Exfoliant

Yes, it is an exfoliant. Not only does it remove hair but it also removes the superficial layer of dead skin and it encourages new cell growth.

Some women have talked about it on different blogs and that concern is:

If You Shave your Face Hair Grow back Darker and Coarser

There is a myth that if you shave facial hair it will grow back coarser and darker but that is not true. So your hair will grow back the same way that it was. There’s no change in cellular mythology.

Is This Why Men Sometimes Have Fewer Wrinkles than Women do Because They Shave Their Faces?

Men get the benefits of exfoliation with shaving. Men have twenty-five percent thicker skin than women. So there is more collagen density and also more natural moisture to the skin. So they tend to age a little more gradually.

Is Shaving Your Face Bad for a Woman?
Is Shaving Your Face Bad for a Woman?
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