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How to Apply Beard Oil For Beginners



How to Apply Beard Oil

There are a few things that you have to keep in mind before applying beard oil.

When to Apply Beard Oil?

First of all the most important is to know When to apply beard oil? Beard oil should be applied when your beard is slightly moist or damp. This is because when you wash your beard with water alkalinity causes the skin pores and the cuticle layer on hairs opens up. So your hair and skin become more absorbent to whatever you will be put after that. So that is why the best time to apply beard oil is after your shower in the morning. If you’re taking bath with warm water, well and good. Even if you’re taking bath with cold water it does not matter. If you apply beard oil on dry beard the absorption is going to be very very minimal and it’s time-consuming.

How Much Beard Oil Should You Use?

If you have a short beard for one or two months, then I think five drops of beard oil is more than enough for you. If you have a medium beard go up to six-seven drops. If you have a long beard then you need a lot more beard oil.

Which Beard Oil You Should be Choosing Up?

People who have a short to medium beard should focus on beard oils which have a lot of essential oils because that will help them tackle the itch. All essential blended oils are always smelling better and a bit lighter on the carrier oils. So it will be a bit lighter as an entire blend and less pore clogging.

If you have a long beard or a very dense build so you should go for the beard oil which has which is more carrier oil oriented.

What is the Correct Way to Apply a Beard Oil?

  1. Wet your beard just to emulate the fact what you guys will be experiencing after you’ve taken your shower.
  2. Pad drying with the towel to remove excess moisture.
  3. Remove your rings because you will be spending a lot of time massaging the beard.
  4. Take a few beard oil drops on your hands and start massaging.

Make sure you massage for a minimum of 5 minutes. Massage is very critical. It increases blood circulation and helps in absorption. Remember beard oil should be applied on your skin, not on the beard. All the absorption is going to be through the skin.

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