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Should I Shave my Beard Before or After Shower?



Should I Shave my Beard Before or After Shower

There are benefits to shaving before or after a shower. If you have soft hair with open skin pores, then shaving before a shower would suit you. It’s also a convenient and quickest way to get a clean shave. But if you have got dry hair, shaving after a warm shower is the best way to go. This is because, during a warm shower, your skin relaxes, pores open up and the facial hair becomes soft and manageable. This makes it easy for a straight razor to glide in for a close shave.

Shaving With Electric Shaver Razor
Shaving With Electric Shaver Razor

If you use an electric razor, shaving before the shower is better. It glides over dry skin much easier than if it’s wet. There are lots of pre-shave products available in the market that can open up the pores.

If you use a manual razor, shaving shower would be the best time. The hairs are softer and the pores are more open, resulting in a better and smoother shave without as much irritation and risks of developing ingrown hairs.

Ultimately, the choice of whether one should shave before or after a shower will depend on your hair type, its condition and your preference. Just always remember to do proper post-shave care.

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